[Samba] why client changing ACL of all subfolder and files that have inherit when change ACL of a folder.

Steven Fu xiaofeifu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 00:56:01 UTC 2016


We just noticed one thing in our system.

We have a samba share, in that we have folder and files all have "inherit
permissions" set on.
When we change the windows permission on a top level folder(with windows
explorer for example), the client is actually sending requests to change
ACL of each subfolder and files under it, which we are not expecting since
they should be inheriting permissions from parent anyway.

We tried the same on a windows server share, seems the client only changed
the ACL of top level folder and did not need to touch any files in it.

Wondering why the client will do this recursive change on Samba shares, and
is there a way to make it none-recursive.(for us, it's ok if samba have to
travel up directories to get full ACL of a file when we read it. but it's
not ok to modify all files in a directory when we modify ACL of it.)



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