[Samba] Hyper-V Virtual Machines fail to start on Samba shares

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Aug 4 14:47:46 UTC 2016

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016 16:16:16 +0200
Adam Błaszczykowski <adam.blaszczykowski at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have problem with Samba 4.4.3. I'd like to use SMB 3.02 file shares
> as shared storage for Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2. I am able to
> create Virtual Machine on Samba share using guest access, but when I
> try to start VM I'm getting the following error:
> "An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual
> machine(s).
> 'New Virtual Machine' could not initialize.
> An attempt to initialize VM saved state failed.
> 'New Virtual Machine' could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID
> 70BB2BD1-B168-4944-9EEF-A665531EC058)
> 'New Virtual Machine' could not create or access saved state file...'
> "
> What do I need to change in Samba configuration to solve this
> problem ? Please check my logs and configuration:

No, sorry but my eyes glazed over after the first twenty lines of your
smb.conf, can you try again and send your smb.conf again, but this
time, just send what you get with 'cat /path/to/smb.conf'


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