[Samba] Samba 4.2.14 Group Policy (GPO) sync error

rme at bluemail.ch rme at bluemail.ch
Thu Aug 4 09:12:20 UTC 2016


 > > Just I missed the correct IPv6 PTR record from the DNS. 

 > Ok and whats obligated for a correct working kerberos environment.

Well, I thought Samba bind_dlz is going to configure also the required PTR and 
all other kerberos DNS entries in ad.cbyerdyne.local zone which is entirely 
managed by Samba.

I don't intend to run any Kerberos services in cyberdyne.local DNS domain.

 > Next.. your hosts files...

Updated according to your suggestions:

# IPv4 and IPv6 localhost aliases       localhost localhost.localdomain        skynet.ad.cyberdyne.local skynet
fdea:5b48:d4c1:1:1::6   skynet.ad.cyberdyne.local skynet

::1             localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1         ip6-allnodes
ff02::2         ip6-allrouters

And just for testing to resolve the client I am currently testing with:

# nslookup cyb64w10-hpnb

Name:   cyb64w10-hpnb.ad.cyberdyne.local

 > Why above. :
 > > # Generated by net-scripts for interface lan0
 > > domain ad.cyberdyne.local

 > So you server is in domain ad.cyberdyne.local

Well actually this was a mistake inserted manually during tests (my bad).
The DNS domain for the server should be cyberdyne.local.

This if fixed after the suggested reboot, the resolv.conf looks as follows:
# Generated by net-scripts for interface lan0
domain cyberdyne.local
search ad.cyberdyne.local cyberdyne.local

(yes the server got 2 IPv4 interfaces)
I have assigned both of the DNS search suffix though.

 > Now after these changes reboot the server, when up, reboot the pc.
 > And check again.

Just did that. Tried gpupdate on the client with IPv6 disabled with the same result.

 > For the : skynet.cyberdyne.local
 > setup an alias in your dns, if needed, but since you have dns search also to 
both domains that “should” not be needed.

I can resolve this name properly as the DNS zone is managed by the server:

C:\Temp>nslookup skynet
Server:  skynet.cyberdyne.local

Name:    skynet.ad.cyberdyne.local

C:\Temp>nslookup skynet.cyberdyne.local
Server:  skynet.cyberdyne.local

Name:    skynet.cyberdyne.local
Addresses:  fdea:5b48:d4c1:1:1::6

(from client with IPv6 disabled)

 > Dont make an A record for this in .cyberdyne.local CNAME.

Not sure what you mean by this. Of course the host has an A record 
"skynet.cyberdyne.local". The zone ad.cyberdyne.local is managed by bind_dlz and 
cyberdyne.local is having it's own A recoreds (for example for the various 
network devices, printers etc.).

 > p.s. you do know that .local is reserved for apple’s mDNS (zeroconf ) and is 
“adviced” not to use.
 > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.local

I know about this. This Samba domain is runing since > 10 years and got upgraded 
to Samba AD somewhen last year. I don't intend to run any mDNS stuff and never 
experienced any issues with this. Moreover I don't intend to register a domain 
just for internal tests and this is exaclty what .local was meant to be. In 
general I can't imagine this issue to be connected to the .local domain.

Meanwhile I have tried also to configure Samba to listen only on IPv4 
interfaces. Though this didn't do any change either.

Again, many thanks for your investigations.

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