[Samba] Centos 7 & ntlm

Mark Bojara mark at apex.co.za
Mon Aug 1 18:53:27 UTC 2016


So I have a really strange problem. I am running Centos 7 with Samba purely
for ntlm_auth against winbind services (squid/radius auth etc). Its been
working fine till we found a strange bug with the ntlm_auth executable.

If the username has a "w" at the end it throws out a syntax error

see below test:

# ./ntlm_auth --username=lblaauw
username must be specified!

Usage: [OPTION...]
  --helper-protocol=helper protocol to use     operate as a stdio-based
  --username=STRING                            username
  --domain=STRING                              domain name
  --workstation=STRING                         workstation
  --challenge=STRING                           challenge (HEX encoded)

# ./ntlm_auth --username=lblaaus

Ive even gone a far as downloading samba source code and manually compiling
myself a 4.4.5 version.. Both the el7 rpm (4.2.10) and latest code return
the same messages. What am I missing here?


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