[Samba] poor samba performance with many smaller files

Peter Bulin bulin.peter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 13:49:44 UTC 2016


I have problem with my samba. I have shared folder which contains many
smaller files (few MB each), this files are stored on very fast disk array.
Locally, from that machine I can read this files in parallel with speed
about 500-1000 MB/s, but when I read them through samba, I get only 50-100
MB/s on a 10 gigabit network. I tried to find the problem, so I analyzed
strace logs and found out, that files are open synchronous and it takes
about 15 ms to open one file, so most of the time is spend with openings of
files. Now my question is if I can do somethings about that, is there some
settings which turns on asynchronous open of files?


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