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cosme at crearq.co.cu cosme at crearq.co.cu
Thu Apr 21 14:23:18 UTC 2016

First question

To use bind as dlz is required to be compiled from source or you can use
the package bind9 repo Debian8 ??

Because I'm seeing you in the wiki
says this

If you install BIND from the repositories of your distribution, you can
skip the following two steps, but make sure it was compiled That With The
'--with-gssapi' and '--with-dlopen' options (see below) before using it as
the Samba AD DNS backend.

In this case I bind9.9.5 use since the repo comes with --with-gssapi but
not with --with-dlopen or --with-dlz-dlopen '

What can I do in that case ??

maybe that's one of my problems


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On 21/04/16 13:44, cosme at crearq.co.cu wrote:
> Rowland, my language is Spanish but does not mean you do not understand
> the English but not like you, my goal is not to belittle his work on the
> contrary I like what you have echo and will continue doing. In the
> specific message that I do not also has worked for me.
> I assure you I have tried several times and using the manuals that come on
> the wiki but I could not solve, maybe I misspoke.
> You could tell me where to start or whether I mean the part because it
> does not update the DNS via DHCP with the reverse zone.
> My apologies to you and the team
> Leonidch
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> Asunto: Re: [Samba] Samba 4 more complete
> De:     "Rowland penny" <rpenny at samba.org>
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> Para:   samba at lists.samba.org
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> On 21/04/16 12:37, cosme at crearq.co.cu wrote:
>> Hi team
>> Samba4 want to suggest that to have a more complete performance would be
>> good if the reverse zone default will be added and that the devices are
>> connected by DHCP to update you forward and reverse DNS zone.
> All this is hard to read, which I am putting down to English probably
> not being your first language.
> I think what you mean is, if you run Samba as an AD domain, it would be
> a good idea to create a reverse zone and even better, use DHCP to update
> your forward and reverse zones.
> If this is correct, have you used an internet website for information
> and if so, which website.
>> At least to my not me I worked, even using the bind9 compiled with support
>> for dlz.
> I think this means you cannot get it to work.
>> At least that part of me has failed me. Using Debian 8 samba4.4.2 and
>> bind9 & isc-dhcp-server from the repository.
> Well, it works for me, Devuan (debian 8 without systemd), Samba 4.4.2,
> Bind9 & DHCP
> Rowland
>> Regards
>> Leonidch

I understand that English is not your first language, what I was trying
to find out was, what have you tried and what webpage (if any) did you

I can assure you it does work (well it does for me) and if required, I
will help you to get it working, but first I need to know what you have
already tried.


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