[Samba] Moving from samba-3.6.23-25.el6_7.x86_64 to samba-3.6.23-30.el6_7 has broken access to our MAC OS X clients

Karen Magee ksmagee00 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 20:42:47 UTC 2016

I've now tired both

client ipc signing = auto


client signing = required
server signing = auto

that did not work...Also tied winbindd and that was a disaster of a
different sort.

It wouldn't use the local unix groups first, which will cause way too
many issues.

All along, however, the PCs that connect (when not trying to use
winbindd) have consistently

been able to connect and use the proper groups to access the files on
the server.

This appears to just be a MAC OS X issue..  Any other thoughts?



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