[Samba] Best Pratice for installing samba package in production environment

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Apr 19 15:51:05 UTC 2016

On 19/04/16 16:21, Jules Houantonon wrote:
> Hello Helmut,
> thank you for your feedback.
> I think that i am not making my self  clear enough.
> Independant of the distribution, is it recommended to install Samba4 tar
> ball version in a production environment, or sernet package ?
> I know that with sernet you can have  benefit of support, so it may be an
> advantage.
> But what about if i choose to install code source version downloaded from
> samba.org ?
> Would it be recommended ?
> Thank you for your help

What version of Samba is used and where you get it from, is down to the 
sysadmin. You can use your distros packages, Sernet packages or compile 
Samba yourself. If you go with your distros packages, this usually means 
that they older versions, Sernet supply 4.2.x versions free of charge, 
but can also supply 4.3.x and soon 4.4.2 packages, but these are only 
available with a subscription.
If you decide to download a tarball from Samba and compile it yourself, 
you must also realise that there is no readily available support, you 
can do what you already have done, ask questions here, or find local 
support if this is a must.
One of the benefits of compiling Samba yourself is you can use the 
latest version and as you will be setting up a new domain,  you can just 
use all the configure defaults, this means in future, it will be as easy 
to update as a distro package.

So, to put it in a nutshell, the best practise is whatever is the best 
for you.


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