[Samba] Permission denied on GPT.ini (Event ID 1058) (SOLVED)

Jonathan Hunter jmhunter1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 10:37:33 UTC 2016

Good explanation, makes sense - thank you!

I am having a different issue, then, I think - on occasion gpupdate fails
(after the machine has been running; not just booted up) but then on
occasion it works again (nothing changed as far as I can tell). I'll
continue to debug this one as well :)

On 18 April 2016 at 17:05, Sébastien Le Ray <sebastien-samba at orniz.org>

> I think I finally solved it…
> This is indeed not related to Samba (I guess), and I have to say that I
> don't know if there is a proper fix
> Let's recap in case someone take this in the middle of the thread :
> Some machines fails to apply GPO at startup. Manual launches of gpupdate
> are successful, only boot up ones fail (that is, everything related to
> software installation or startup scripts).
> Events log shows error about accessing GPT.ini (without telling what the
> error exactly is).
> Manual access to said GPT.ini (either through user account or using the
> computer account), is successful
> I guess this is some kind of race condition related to network
> initialisation which isn't totally finished when GPO processing starts. The
> faster the boot, the higher the risk to trigger the condition (thus
> SSD-enabled machines are good candidates). As I said in a previous mail,
> something seems to trick windows into believing that the network is
> available while it's not. And this something turns out to be… IPv6
> Disabling IPv6 on the network interface solves the problem, enabling it
> triggers it.
> I guess this is because IPv6 autoconfiguration is immediate (no need to
> get DHCP ack) while IPv4 needs to wait for DHCP process to finish, below is
> what I guess happens:
> Standard PC
> [Some boot stuff involving slow disk I/O]
> IPv6 ready => network available
> [Some boot stuff involving slow disk I/O]
> IPv4 DHCP ACK => IPv4 available
> [Some boot stuff involving slow disk I/O]
> GPO processing
> [some bot stuff invol… finished]
> GPO processing waits for network
> IPv6 ready => network available
> GPO says "cannot read the file"
> IPv4 ready => nobody cares
> Note: configuring system to prefer IPv4 over IPv6 does not change anything
> (seems consistent since IPv4 is not available so cannot be preferred when
> GPO processing starts).
> Thank you for your help, I hope this will help someone (if people
> encountering the same problem can test this "fix" and report back I would
> appreciate).
> Regards
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