[Samba] Fwd: How to apply the security patch ?

Alexsandro Oliveira xsandroveira at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 19:09:08 UTC 2016

Thanks Rowland

Just one more 3 questions:

1 - I do not need to stop the samba before running the make command?
2 - The command sequence are below are the same right?

./configure --with-whatever-options-you-used-originally
samba-service ad-dc stop
make install
samba-service ad-dc start

3 - My Samba domain controller will continue running smoothly?


Alexsandro Oliveira
Note: I used Google Traslater am Brazilian.

2016-04-18 15:54 GMT-03:00 Rowland penny <rpenny at samba.org>:

> On 18/04/16 19:35, Alexsandro Oliveira wrote:
>> Hello guys
>> .
>> I am Brazilian and I'm using google translate to ask some questions.
>> The question is the following:
>> How do I apply this patch on my samba?
>> https://download.samba.org/pub/samba/patches/samba-4.3.5-4.3.6.diffs.gz
>> Can I apply this patch on my active server on the client? My server is a
>> primary domain controller with internal DNS.
>> Note: My Server is a Debian 8 and the samba was installed via source code.
>> Grateful .
>> Alexsandro Oliveira
> You do not need to patch your version of Samba, in fact if you did patch
> your version, you would have to recompile it anyway, so all you need to do
> is download a later version (why not move to 4.4.2 ?) compile this exactly
> in the same way as you did your original version, then stop Samba and
> install it over your original version i.e.
> ./configure --with-whatever-options-you-used-originally
> make
> service samba-ad-dc stop
> make install
> service samba-ad-dc start
> Rowland
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