[Samba] Fwd: How to apply the security patch ?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Apr 18 18:54:51 UTC 2016

On 18/04/16 19:35, Alexsandro Oliveira wrote:
> Hello guys
> .
> I am Brazilian and I'm using google translate to ask some questions.
> The question is the following:
> How do I apply this patch on my samba?
> https://download.samba.org/pub/samba/patches/samba-4.3.5-4.3.6.diffs.gz
> Can I apply this patch on my active server on the client? My server is a
> primary domain controller with internal DNS.
> Note: My Server is a Debian 8 and the samba was installed via source code.
> Grateful .
> Alexsandro Oliveira

You do not need to patch your version of Samba, in fact if you did patch 
your version, you would have to recompile it anyway, so all you need to 
do is download a later version (why not move to 4.4.2 ?) compile this 
exactly in the same way as you did your original version, then stop 
Samba and install it over your original version i.e.

./configure --with-whatever-options-you-used-originally
service samba-ad-dc stop
make install
service samba-ad-dc start


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