[Samba] Multi tenancy and/or Hosted AD like solution

D Grealish dev.grealish at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 13:39:02 UTC 2016

I've been doing some research and testing into implementing SAMBA 4 as a
AD/DC role for offering "AD as a service" to various small companies, I've
been testing SAMBA out in various different configurations and wondering if
SAMBA in AD/DC role if it's possible to segment in such a way

some requirements:
 - Windows 10 support, e.g SMB3
 - AD tree segmentation so that one customer doesn't see a another customer
AD tree, (users, computer, shares, etc..)
 - Single or multi domain (however I understand multi trust domains isn't
supported yet)

some ideas:
- separate SAMBA instance for each customer,
- use docker to host each SAMBA instance
- single SAMBA instance running some splittree/forest

Anyone attempt something before?

thanks in advance

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