[Samba] Domain member seems to work, wbinfo -u not

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Apr 15 11:29:55 UTC 2016


I can confirm this also for the Debian 4.3.7 packages. 
My print server works fine, but..  

wbinfo -g all groups.
wbinfo -u nothing. 

wbinfo -p  success
wbinfo -t  sucess 

all i added was the some tls parameters. 
tls enabled = yes
tls keyfile = .... 
tls certfile = .... 
tls cafile = .... 

smbd -V
Version 4.3.7-Debian  ( recompiled version of debian Sid ) 
id username works.
getent passwd username works. 

And other server, exact same setup but running : 
smbd -V
Version 4.2.10-Debian

With same smb.conf and same modifications works fine. 

No errors in any log. 



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> Van: samba [mailto:samba-bounces at lists.samba.org] Namens Oktay Akbal
> Verzonden: vrijdag 15 april 2016 13:05
> Aan: Rowland penny
> CC: sambalist
> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Domain member seems to work, wbinfo -u not
> > > I don't see where exactly the ways differ. I already played with idmap
> settings and keytab. It makes no difference.
> > > BTW the wiki entry does not explain how to create the keytab, so the
> setting is not really useful if you just follow that page.
> >
> > With the 'old system' you just have one range, this is now depreciated
> > and you should use the new 'idmap config' . The old system could be
> removed.
> >
> > The wiki entry does explain how to create the keytab:
> >
> > net ads join -U administrator
> >
> > The keytab will created for you during the join.
> >
> > Does 'Sure' mean you are running winbindd ?
> > Are you also using 'sssd' ?
> Already tried the idmap config and it does not make a difference. Will
> keep it.
> Indeed the join creates that file. Since I already was in domain I had to
> create it.
> Rejoined domain, keytab gets created. Still no difference. Everything
> works. wbinfo -u not.
> Yes I use winbind and no to sssd.
> I see other comments on how the latest updates broke domain authentication
> to some users (debian-list, centos7 forum etc.). I fear that there is a
> deeper problem with that patch.
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