[Samba] LDAP mismatch between DCs

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Thu Apr 14 02:02:23 UTC 2016

Running "samba-tool ldapcmp ldap://DC1 ldap://DC2 -Uadministrator" on 
our production system results in mismatches for items in the domain section:

* Comparing [DOMAIN] context...

* Objects to be compared: 625

'CN=AdminRole,OU=Group,OU=Postgres,DC=ourdomain' [ldap://DC1]
'CN=AdminRole,OU=Group,OU=Postgres,DC=ourdomain' [ldap://DC2]
     Difference in attribute values:
         whenChanged =>

This is repeated for all other entries in the section, although the 
timestamps differ. All other sections match perfectly.

Is this something to be concerned about or can it be safely ignored?


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