[Samba] samba dns

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Apr 13 15:25:55 UTC 2016

On 13/04/16 15:49, Sonic wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 10:29 AM, Sketch <smblist at rednsx.org> wrote:
>> My understanding of Unbound is that designed as a caching nameserver, not an
>> authoratative nameserver.  It's supposed to serve DNS to clients from
>> another server, such as BIND or Samba's internal DNS server.  Pointing it to
>> your domain's authoratative Samba/BIND9_DLZ DNS servers seems like the
>> proper way to set it up to me.
> Have been using Unbound in this way for well over a year with an MS AD.
> The point was the possibility, at another location, to continue to use
> NSD, an authoritative server, which currently contains all the needed
> DNS records except the new ones necessary to host an AD, in the same
> manner BIND was used in some of given links to replace the MS DNS in
> the MS AD environment.

OK, having never used NSD (oh look, it is DNS mixed up), I did a bit of 
research and it seems to work somewhat like Bind with flatfiles, but in 
this case, the flatfile is a database.

So, you are proposing to use something that very few (if any) other 
Samba users use, that stores its data in a database, this set up will be 
totally unsupported by Samba. This is instead of using something that a 
lot of people use and also stores its data in a database, though in the 
case of Bind dlz, the database is AD and *is* supported by Samba.

It is your AD domain and you can do what you like with it, but if 
something does go wrong, how are you going to know if it is something 
wrong with your Samba 4 AD, or if it is something wrong with your custom 
DNS setup ??

Or to put it another way, it is very unlikely that anybody will be able 
help you with any potential problems.


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