[Samba] failed to find NT AUTHORITY domain log message during backup windows

Joseph Dickson jdickson at evolvetsi.com
Mon Apr 11 19:11:43 UTC 2016


I'm running domain member fileservers on Samba 4.3.6..  During my backup
window (backups are performed via Bacula, running on the fileserver) I tend
to receive spurts of the following log message:

Apr 10 16:55:18 smbfs1 winbindd[2376]: [2016/04/10 16:55:18.111192,  0]
Apr 10 16:55:18 smbfs1 winbindd[2376]:   Failed to find domain 'NT
AUTHORITY'. Check connection to trusted domains!

Nothing seems to be working incorrectly, other than I get quite a lot of
these log messages during my backups.. I've done some googling around and
couldn't find something that seemed to fit, though this message has been
discussed several places..

Through experimentation, I have found that I can cause this error in the
log by issuing the following:

# getent group 'NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users'

The getent doesn't return anything, and if I look in the logs I'll have
this error message..  Can anyone suggest what might be going on, and where
I might look?


*Joseph Dickson*

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