[Samba] how to manually specify domain controllers

Dennis Xu dxu at uoguelph.ca
Fri Apr 8 20:19:58 UTC 2016

We have two Samba 4.2.3 servers with FreeRadius to authenticate wireless users against active directory. Using DNS, sometimes both servers end up using the same domain controller to authenticate users. I would like to distribute the load to different DCs. Is there a way to manually point Samba to certain DCs? 

I tried the following configuration: 
security = ads 
password server = dc05.cfs.uoguelph.ca 
realm = cfs.uoguelph.ca 

But after restarted the smb, nmb and winbind servers, the server is still using the old DC for authentication(not switching to dc05.cfs.uoguelph.ca). Any ideas? 


Dennis Xu 

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