[Samba] Getting rIDNextRID errors after upgrading two samba ADs to 4.2

Johannes Amorosa | Celluloid VFX johannesa at celluloid-vfx.com
Fri Apr 8 06:36:12 UTC 2016

We finally managed to upgrade from samba 4.1  to 4.2.9 (sernet 
packages). We have two replicated samba ADs. After the upgrade 
everything seems to
work as expected, but I'm constantly getting this error message in the 
logs. They weren't there before the upgrade:

We used the Updating samba wiki entry as howto[1]

The first dc logs this:
Failed extended allocation RID pool operation - Failed to modify RID Set 
object CN=RID Set,CN=CELL-DC-03,OU=Domain 
Controllers,DC=celluloidvfx,DC=inc - objectclass_attrs: at least one 
mandatory attribute ('rIDNextRID') on entry 'CN=RID 
Set,CN=CELL-DC-03,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=celluloidvfx,DC=inc' wasn't 

The second one this:
cell-dc-03 samba[1481]:   ../source4/dsdb/repl/drepl_ridalloc.c:43: RID 
Manager failed RID allocation - WERR_DS_DRA_INTERNAL_ERROR - 

Is this something to be worried about?
Thank you for your time.

[1] https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Updating_Samba

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