[Samba] samba dns

Sonic sonicsmith at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 14:16:33 UTC 2016

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 5:29 PM, Sketch <smblist at rednsx.org> wrote:
> There's no need to repoint clients to AD DNS servers if you don't want
> dynamic DNS registration.

Dynamic DNS registration works with the clients pointing to the
Unbound cache (at an account with a Windows AD server). The clients
must be determining what system to register with via DNS records even
though they don't point to the Windows AD server for DNS resolution.

Which is why I think this entry in the Wiki is not wholly correct:
"Whichever DNS server you use, you must configure the AD DC so that it
uses or its own IP address as DNS server, and all clients
must be configured to use the IP address of the AD DC as DNS. This
server will usually only be able to answer queries regarding servers
and clients that are members of the domain. If you want your server
and clients to be able to also see the rest of the world, you must
configure the DNS server to forward all queries that it cannot answer
itself, to another DNS server which can resolve the rest of the
The part I believe to be incorrect is:
"...all clients must be configured to use the IP address of the AD DC as DNS"
as at least in my experience with a Windows installation this is not a
requirement - even for dynamic registration. As long as the clients
can resolve the AD's records they do work just fine.

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