[Samba] setup-sysvol-bidirectional.sh unable to id administrator

niya levi niyalevi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 00:16:03 UTC 2016

hi Louis

thank for the suggestion.

first i tried switching back to winbind in nsswitch.conf
then getent an id worked as they should
so i've cornered the problem down to sssd
but i had another problem with the winbind solution
the home dir was not being pulled from AD,
with a bit of net searching i found this from the samba mail archives

S├ębastien Le Ray says
in smb.conf idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes is used to pull down UNIX
information from active directory
(namely uid, gid, homedir, shell).
Support is partial on domain controller since shell & homedir can only
be set through * template parameters in
smb.conf despite rfc2307 being used.
Shell & homedir are correctly fetched on member servers.

does this still apply to winbindd as i run arch linux with the latest samba,
if there is a way to use winbind on th dc's and be able to retrieve home
dirs from the AD
then i would permently use winbindd
if not i'll have to start hitting sssd with a hammer and getting on
their mailing list until it works.

as for your replication script it works perfecly,
the cronjob keeps my mailbox busy but will do something about that once
i've sorted out my current issues


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