[Samba] Win10 client can not restore connections in AD environment

David Whitney soonerdew at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 13:46:17 UTC 2015

This doesn't *exactly* fit your problem scenario, but I do know that
Windows 10 machines exhibiting a "cannot find a domain controller" error
are possibly trying to negotiate SMB 3_11 with a pre Samba 4.3 DC, which
will fail, as pre-4.3 releases did not support that iteration of SMB. The
initial logon works because the machines are authenticating with cached
credentials, but the actual reconnect to network resources fails because of
the failed protocol negotiation.

If you disable SMB2/3 on those Windows 10 clients, it might solve your
problem. This is, obviously, not an ideal or recommended scenario, but it
might serve as a stop-gap until you can contemplate migrating your Samba
version to 4.3.x.

Directions for disabling SMB2/3 are here:

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 7:32 AM, <jd at ionica.lv> wrote:

> Citēju jd at ionica.lv:
>> Hi!
>>> I my network I have one computer with Win10 acquired through updates
>>> (W7->W10) which has a problem with restoring the connections to the Samba
>>> file server after being put in sleep mode or simple log-off. If the
>>> computer is restarted, evrth is as expected.
>>> While having problem with re-connection to the Samba file server, shares
>>> on other Windows workstations are accessible.
>>> Before upgrade to W10 specific workstation/user had no problems.
>>> My domain - Samba AD DC + Samba fileserver as domain member, W7-W10
>>> clients.
>> it seemed at the begining that disabling of the support of IPV6 could
>> help and it helped (once) - the user was able to logon to the workstation
>> after logging off once.
>> The error message he receives sounds strange - either DC can not be found
>> or that it is not possible to login twice from the same computer.
> P.S., It seems restart of SambaDC helps, but it definitely is the right
> solution. How could i check what goes wrong with login?
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