[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Tue Sep 22 22:11:38 UTC 2015

I've been following this thread with a degree of interest and it's 
fascinating to see the various points of view being thrown about. I 
personally believe the truth lies somewhere near that line that is 
clearly dividing people into two opposing camps.

So, playing Devil's advocate: I find it hard not to see some plan behind 
the fact that the Samba AD component is not available from the major 
distros. Sorry, but I can't help feeling this is part of Sernet's plan 
to start charging what really is an exorbitant price for their packages. 
I haven't tried to do so yet (but it's probably the way we will go 
forward) but if building the packages and achieving production quality 
results really is as easy as some are claiming, why has that not been 
done for the major distros?

For those comparing the prices to those of Microsoft, please remember 
that this is an annual cost with Sernet but a one-off for Microsoft, 
making the examples I've seen people using quite nonsensical. In other 
words, for those who are choosing Samba purely for cost reasons you will 
be financially better off staying with Windows. However, for many that 
is neither the main nor the only reason to use Samba. Regardless, we 
each make that decision based on our own criteria and nobody else needs 
to hear anyone bitch about it.

Can we please drop this topic, which has become a massive waste of 
bandwidth and serves no real purpose.


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