[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Sep 22 10:39:18 UTC 2015

I totaly disagre with you on what prices MS uses and sernets..  

What most people dont know, if you use a MS Server, and i'll take an example.  

1 server.
10 computers
3 mobile phones
3 printers. 

In this case you need
1) the server licence. 
2) 6 device cals
3) 10 user or device cals, depending on how u use it. 

Do the math, samba is still much cheaper. 

In a ms situation, every device that accesses the windows computer needs 
a CAL. 
Read : 

so any device useing DNS of DHCP must have a CAL, and most people dont know this ! 

"Any direct or indirect access of Windows Server requires a CAL, except for anonymous access through the Internet. For example, the use of DNS—a service that helps route network traffic—requires the purchase of a Windows Server license and CALs to use and access this particular role in managing your organization’s domain names. Even with infrequent or occasional use, access of Windows Server DNS capabilities requires a CAL."

Read : 



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> Verzonden: dinsdag 22 september 2015 12:24
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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/
> Come on Rowland,
> it´s obvious that not that much people build their own packages because
> they don´t have the necessary experience. But they want to help testing
> the new AD features that the samba team develops. Using Suse or RedHat AD
> is not really usable. So people take centos or debian or something similar
> to use these great work done by the samba team.
> In my opinion the lack of a common test basis will outbrake community and
> in consequence the whole samba project.
> I understand that sernet must be paid for their work in some kind of way
> but when you look at their prices: omg!!! A small company with let´s say 2
> DCs an 2 fileserver must pay 1380€ per year?!
> Come on Rowland! That way we can change for MS in the same way. That´s
> maybe cheaper...  :( A lot of people might think that way.
> Wheater this is good for the samba project I don’t know.
> No harm meant!
> Peter
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> Betreff: Re: [Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/
> On 22/09/15 09:06, Peter Grotz - Obel und Partner GbR wrote:
> > Hi,
> > it´s another company which trys to make a lot of money from open source
> like red hat and SuSE. It´s scabby in my opinion to take that much money.
> > Obviously sernet is going to  become another only commercial orientated
> company an betraying the ideas of open source. Possibly their old business
> model brings not enough income...
> > Only my 2-cent.
> >
> Oh dear, somebody else who hasn't done their research, he obviously
> doesn't know of the tie in between Samba and Sernet.
> Rowland
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