[Samba] Accessing external LDAP for classicupgrade

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Thu Sep 17 21:02:49 UTC 2015

I am reading the LDAP portion of:


The second route may not work for me.  When I ran slapcat on the ClearOS 
system I got:

# slapcat > ldap.backup.ldif
55fb2665 The first database does not allow slapcat; using the first 
available one (2)

and very little in the backup file.

So since the LDAP backend on the old server is only used for the 
classicupgrade, this looks interesting, but...

What ldap.conf and smb.conf to I set up to retreive the information from 
the old LDAP backend host?  That is not clear.  I would have to start 
afresh (going to anyway) to see what a fresh system looks like with 
these two files.  On the ClearOS system, the ldap.conf says:

# cat smb.ldap.conf
# Please do not edit - this file is automatically generated.

passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://
ldap admin dn = cn=manager,ou=Internal,dc=home,dc=htt
ldap group suffix = ou=Groups,ou=Accounts
ldap idmap suffix = ou=Idmap
ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers,ou=Accounts
ldap passwd sync = No
ldap suffix = dc=home,dc=htt
ldap user suffix = ou=Users,ou=Accounts
ldap connection timeout = 8
ldap ssl = Off

On my new AD, I would use the IP address of the old server (they have 
the same fqdn, but different DNS servers in different networks, but IP 
reachable).  Plus make sure the ldap port is open; it should be already.

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