[Samba] unixHomeDirectory, loginShell, etc. on Samba4 AD DC

Jim Seymour jseymour at LinxNet.com
Thu Sep 17 11:11:02 UTC 2015

On Wed, 16 Sep 2015 09:00:36 +0200
buhorojo <buhorojo.lcb at gmail.com> wrote:

> I only did it as a project.

TBH: Given the grief getting Samba4 going as an AD DC has given me, it
had pretty much gotten to "I'm gonna finish this just to see if I can
make it work" status, here, too.  It was increasingly unlikely ever to
see production status.

> But if I can do it, it must be easy. I'll find
> the links if you're stuck.

Well, for starters, the documentation on the SambaWiki again seems to
be incorrect.  But, once I worked around that, I found the included
apparmor configs were wildly incorrect.  At that point, since we no
longer had any interest in putting it into production, there was no
longer justification for time.  And I've lost all  interest in spending
*my own* time on it.

> But I do know that to do what you want to
> do, you'll have to lose winbind. It is not configurable and not ready
> for production. Many of the problems here are about winbind. That
> says a lot.

It does.  Unfortunately, given the follow-up your comments received:
Apparently saying that was the equivalent of telling the Emperor he
has no clothes.  Upon my relating that to my colleagues: All remaining
IT support for the effort evaporated.


It did, but not *quite* in the manner in which you intended, I expect ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the many others
who so generously gave of their time and expertise to try to help me.
Special thanks to Rowland Penny and L.P.H. van Belle, in particular.

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