[Samba] unixHomeDirectory, loginShell, etc. on Samba4 AD DC

buhorojo buhorojo.lcb at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 15:29:28 UTC 2015

>> The OP wants to use the DC for everything, as a fileserver and
>> authentication etc. So if he was to use what you are suggesting, when AD
>> user 'fred' first logs into the DC, an attempt to create a local user
>> called 'fred' would be attempted and I don't think it would happen. I
>> think it would error out with something like 'user already exists'.
> This is possible in principle using nslcd - and it should be with 
> winbind as well.
But it isn't. Whilst nslcd can retrieve a full set of unix attributes 
from AD, winbind cannot. Unless the OP drops winbind, he cannot solve 
his problem.

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