[Samba] replicating sysvol to a 2008r2 server

Sketch smblist at rednsx.org
Wed Sep 16 14:03:56 UTC 2015

On Wed, 16 Sep 2015, Neil Price wrote:

> I don't see any info in the wiki on this. Anybody done it? This is what I''ve 
> done so far. Comments appreciated.

Glad to hear someone is actually doing this.  This is on my todo list, but 
I haven't set it up yet.  There is (or was, I haven't checked recently) a 
mention of it on the samba wiki, but the page it links to doesn't exist.

> To sync sysvol I used deltacopy rsync server on the windows box. No acl 
> support. Would cwrsync be better?

Old, but seems to imply that cygwin with rsync -A (which no longer 
requires a patch) may do what you want, though it sounds like you might 
need to populate cygwin's /etc/passwd with the Unix UIDs used on the Samba 
side to get it to work:


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