[Samba] failure on accessing shares on Samba 4 AD DC

Dominik Storck dominik at storck.net
Sun Sep 13 13:18:27 UTC 2015


on a fresh Centos 7 install, I've installed the sernet-samba-ad binary
package and successfully managed a samba-tool classicupgrade from an NT4
/ LDAP domain. I can see a working DNS, Kerberos and Winbind, migrated
users and groups show up in wbinfo -u, getent passwd etc.

Firewall is stopped, the Centos machine is on separate testing network.

In addition to the during the classicupgrade automatically provided
sysvol, I've added a roaming profiles share and a data share, setting
the ACLs on the linux side to full access for "MYDOMAIN\domain admins".

Joining the domain from a Windows 7 client was successful immediately.

From the Windows 7 client, I can see the shares, even browse the
directory contents. But I can not access any file contents, view or
modify file permissions. When I try to access the file properties page,
the size of the share is stated as 0 bytes, the security tab displays an
error, that the requested security information are not available or can
not be displayed.

Having fiddled around for days now, including log and wireshark
analsysis, I'm completely lost at the moment without any idea, what's wrong.

Has anyone an idea, what might be wrong?


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