[Samba] Classic PDC appears to revert to guest login on Samba 4

tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk
Sun Sep 13 07:28:50 UTC 2015


On 11/09/15 21:42, soonerdave wrote:
> Considering that you are using W2K3 and XP clients, have you considered the
> possibility that the two are not negotiating a proper SMB protocol? I think,
> by default, the minimum protocol level Samba4 will negotiate is SMB2, and I
> believe you might need what would be considered NT1 for those clients. I
> don't think SMB2 came out until Vista, so it could be that Samba4 won't
> negotiate down to a level XP can support. That might preclude the
> communication of the username from the client back to the server...
> As a test, in your smb.conf, you could consider trying
> max protocol = NT1
> Restart Samba, and then try logging in from your XP or W2k3 client and see
> if you have any success.
> Just a thought.

Thanks for your suggestion. It looks like the SMB negotiation is OK:

   Starting GENSEC mechanism spnego
[2015/09/13 08:00:15.036667,  5] 
   Starting GENSEC submechanism ntlmssp
[2015/09/13 08:00:15.036829,  3] ../source3/smbd/negprot.c:385(reply_nt1)
   using SPNEGO
[2015/09/13 08:00:15.036867,  3] 
   Selected protocol NT LM 0.12
[2015/09/13 08:00:15.036897,  5] 
   negprot index=5

For good measure I added

max protocol = NT1

but no difference.


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