[Samba] Wither "uidNumber" and "gidNumber"? (was: Re: ldbedit: no matching records - cannot edit (newly-created user))

Jim Seymour jseymour at LinxNet.com
Sat Sep 12 20:30:42 UTC 2015

On Sat, 12 Sep 2015 13:13:11 -0600
Nigel W <nigel.w at nosun.ca> wrote:

> You create the users on the directory with the same uid and
> uidNumber as the local users and then remove local users on the
> systems.  Same applies to the groups.

Why would I want to remove the local users and groups?  You mean
from /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, NIS or whatever?

Or... did the Samba4 provisioning throw entries into PAM?  So now
Samba4's ldap data replaces it?

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