[Samba] ldbedit: no matching records - cannot edit (newly-created user)

Sketch smblist at rednsx.org
Thu Sep 10 20:44:01 UTC 2015

On Thu, 10 Sep 2015, Jim Seymour wrote:

> A UID number of "3000024" is *way* outside the UID_MAX value for an
> out-of-the-box Linux system.  (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is 60000.)

I think Rowland already gave you the answer to your uid/gid problems (take 
your existing uid/gids and assign them to the users directly in ldap), but 
I just wanted to point out that UID_MAX is probably not what you think it 


     UID_MAX (number), UID_MIN (number)
     Range of user IDs used for the creation of regular users by useradd or newusers.

You won't be using useradd or newuser to create users in Samba.  In fact, 
it's best to keep LDAP user ids assigned to a higher range which will 
never conflict with local users, so I would consider this a positive 
"limitation", and might even consider lowering UID_MAX if i had 
pre-existing domain UIDs inside this range.

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