[Samba] Accidentially upgraded production DC to git master branch

Pinja-Liina Jalkanen pinja-liina.jalkanen at vihreat.fi
Thu Sep 10 15:29:08 UTC 2015

On 10/09/15 18:04, Rowland Penny wrote:
> The wiki used to have a warning about using samba from git in production
> (why did you remove it Marc ?). You cannot be sure that it isn't broken,
> it shouldn't be, but it could be. What is in samba-master gets branched
> off for the next release (or so I understand), this is then released as
> 'rc' candidates to find and fix any bugs, you are therefore getting any
> possible unfixed bugs by using samba-master. I would suggest you use the
> latest stable version (4.3.0) instead, but of course, I cannot force you
> to do so.

Oh, but that's exactly the version I'm going to use. I'm just going to
check out that release tag from the Git instead.

See, that's what I originally intended to do. I just missed a critical
step: I never checked out the tag, so I ended up accidentially compiling
and installing something I didn't intend to. Because it worked anyway, I
just never realised it, until now.

Pinja-Liina Jalkanen
Vihreät / De Gröna

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