[Samba] Please Help!!! smbcontrol close-share

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Tue Sep 8 20:28:03 UTC 2015

Am 08.09.2015 um 21:59 schrieb Carlos R.P.Evertsz:
> One final question; It is possible to load a configuration file with
> non-standard name?  For example to load TempSMB.conf instead of smb.conf?

It depents what you're meaning. You can start e. g. "smbd" with -c to
give an alternative configuration file. -> man smbd
But for switching to this other file, you have to kill all smbd
processes and restart smbd.

Or you can include a file in your smb.conf, that contains additional
stuff like e. g. just this share.

See smb.conf manpage: include


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