[Samba] Windows 10 with Samba PDC and Roaming profiles

Alex Winzer alex.e-mail at gmx.de
Mon Sep 7 10:32:50 UTC 2015


I'm using an openSUSE server with Samba Version 4.1.18-3.33.2-3407 and 
Windows 7 Professional clients for years without problems.
Now I have 5 PC with a freshly installed Windows 10 Professional on it. 
On the Windows 10 machines I only changed the two registry keys[1] and 
set up the switch "max protocol = nt1" in "/etc/samba/smb.conf" on the 
server side.
I could join the PDC with the so prepared clients. So far so good.

But now I can't use the Apps, which are an important part of Windows >= 
8. I tried to get some help on administrator.de [2], where I also 
inserted a picture in the first post. For a long time I thought, I would 
be the only one with this problem until I found this [3] and this [4] on 
a dutch page.
Especially the video show, what the problem is.

My other problem/question is the startmenu. It doesn't work.
Maybe the reason are wrong excludes in the registry key 
I need to change this due to the reason, that some software saves 
settings in "C:\User\User\AppData\Local\...". So I need this to be saved to.
The clients doesn't make a clean shutdown. If I login with a local 
account. I can see, the directory 
"C:\User\User\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database" with some files in 
it was not deleted. This is supposed to be one possible reason for a not 
working startmenu. But even to exclude this directory from the profile 
doesn't help.

Can someone please help me out?
I invested a lot of days with this problem. I don't like the thought to 
fail with Windows 10 after I uses Samba for more than 9 years with XP 
and Windows 7.

Yours, Alex

[1] https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Required_settings_for_NT4-style_domains
[2] www.administrator.de/content/detail.php?id=280439
[3] http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1645694
[4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s945m5tG3l0

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