[Samba] Cups printers autoloading and windows drivers

Prunk Dump prunkdump at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 09:14:35 UTC 2015

Hello samba team !

I have configured a samba4 printer with CUPS as backend. And I have
enabled the "load printers = yes" option in smb.conf.

Nearly everything works well !
-> Samba detect the CUPS printers
-> The printers appear automatically in the "printers" share
-> On windows 7 I can add the server the printmanagement.msc and I see
the printers
-> I can upload drivers to samba with printmanagement.msc and the
"print$" share works
-> The windows client see that a driver is uploaded

But I can't get the printing work on the client. When the print jobs
are send I have many errors on the client or sometimes nothings
appens. I don't know how configure the drivers for the clients. I have
tried to upload the "HP universal postscript driver" and the "Epson
universal driver" and no one works from the clients.

What type of driver I need to use when samba is configured with CUPS
as backend ? A generic postscript driver ?

I have an error in printmanagement.msc when I associate the driver
with the printer. Do you think that this is due to the "load printers
= yes" option ? After the error message the drivers seems correctly

How configure the clients when the "load printers = yes" is set on the server ?

Can someone help me ?

Excuse my English. Thanks.


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