[Samba] samba_dlz: Failed to configure zone... already exists

John Yocum jtyocum at uw.edu
Thu Sep 3 16:00:18 UTC 2015

> [snip]
>> Now, if you put the main DNS
>> server on another machine and the samba4 machine goes down, DNS
>> should still work.
> Do you know how long it'd take before my "phone would melt" if the AD
> server went down?
> What I'm taking away, from your comments, is more-or-less reinforcing
> my earlier concerns: That this Samba/BIND_DLZ/Kerberos/etc. lash-up is
> not exceedingly stable--only now you're suggesting that it can *crash my
> server*?!?!
> Yeah.... no.
> I'm thinking perhaps it's time to rethink this entire plan.
> Regards,
> Jim

FWIW, I've found Samba4 to be very reliable. We're going into 10 months
of using it. And, in the time, it's never crashed. And, our DCs provide
auth for 200ish workstations (Windows, OS X, and Linux), numerous
servers (Windows, Linux, illumos), and a multitude of applications.

John Yocum, Systems Administrator, DEOHS

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