[Samba] just logins now and shares later

Daniel Carrasco MarĂ­n danielmadrid19 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:44:06 UTC 2015


I don't really know if there any problem if you enable the profiles later.
Home folder don't really cares because you can set the home folder and
drive in any time.

How is your network?, because is better a Gigabit network for profiles and
homes, for example:
- Gigalan server
- Gigalan switch
- 100Mbits users
Users have enough speed with a 100Mbit network and the server/switch is
able to handle multiple full speed users (1000Mbits/100Mbits = 10 users).
If the whole network is 100Mbit then the users will share that speed
(100Mbits / 4 users = 25Mbits by user).
For logon/logout is not a big problem, but if the home folder is widely
used then it will be slower.
The best you can do is redirect some folders (Desktop, My Documents) to a
network location for example then the logon/logout is faster, but that
network location has to be fast enough.

I don't know how exactly works the Microsoft profiles but i think that only
changes are synced then don't really cares the size of the profile (only
for first logon on a new computer), only the filesize of changed files. Of
course the file number is important too, because the computer has to check
every file to find changes.

About drives, two RAID1 drives has 1x write, 2x read. If your server and or
your switch/router have only 100Mbits then is fast enough: 100/8 =
12.5MB/s. A normal drive has about 45-50MB/s and some server drives are
even faster. For a Gigabit network (125MB/s) is a bottle neck in write
operations, but all users have to write a big file at same time to be a

GPO and printers are not a problem, can be configured in any time.

Greetings and sorry for my horrible english.

2015-08-31 2:14 GMT+02:00 oeh univie edv lists <edv-lists at oeh.univie.ac.at>:

> Hey,
> I'm still waiting for the new file server hardware to arrive so I plan to
> enable user logins in the meantime without profiles and home directories.
> Reason for this is quite some pressure from people. The setup on the 2 DCs
> should be done a day or two. Could there be problems if I configure
> profiles and home directories some weeks after users logged in for the
> first time? What if e.g. they saved big files in their profiles?
> What would be a reasonable size for user profiles on a 100MBit/s network
> so they load sufficiently speedy?
> Also should I consider something when I configure GPOs and printers some
> weeks after first user logins?
> Can I put home directories, shares, profiles and spooling on one 2TB disk
> on a RAID1 (2x2TB) or would this be a performance problem? (worst case
> scenario I can imagine is 5-8 simultaneous user logins or logouts which
> should happen very rarely. 2-3 simultaneus logins/logouts is more likely
> to happen frequently.)
> regards, birgit
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