[Samba] Read files with posix ACL is not working in samba4.1.17

Jorge Bueno Magdalena j.buenomagdalena at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 13:21:25 UTC 2015


I have samba4.1.17 installed in a debian jessie OS. In the smb.conf I have
configured valid users without restrictions because I have these in the
filesystem with posix ACLs.

I have two groups, admin(rwx permissions) group and department1(rx
permissions) group. With admins all is correct but with department1 I can
only read folders but files not appear in the browser. If I login in the
shell with a user belong to deparment1 I can read file and folders.
So the problem is throuhg samba client. I have tried with OSX, kubuntu and

any idea about this? It looks like very strange. I have no idea because all
is correct for both groups except read files for deparment1. In other
settings I have the same problem with different groups that have rx

Thanks you so much


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