[Samba] samba4 ldap high load and port queue overflow

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Nov 26 09:10:50 UTC 2015

El 26/11/15 a les 09:43, Yuriy Tabolin ha escrit:

> Thanks for answer.
> I had found that high load to ldap was generated by nss on mail server.
> During resolving one user,  nss asks ldap for information about all
> groups user consist and then all users of this groups. This generates
> many queris to ldap. openldap (which I used early) works fine with this
> load, samba ldap has some problem. Now I switch nss on mail server back
> to my old openldap and it works well. If I cann't resolve problem with
> performance samba ldap, I try to use nscd for caching nss queries or
> something else.

Can't you use winbind instead of nss-ldap on the mail server?

> Now I have test domain and easy repeat problem: setup server with nss to
> ldap and run simple script
> for i in `cat file-with-all-users-in-domain` ; do id $i & ; done

I tried this on my test network using winbind and, after the first query 
for each user (when winbing builds its cache), the result is almost 
immediate and there's no load on the server.

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