[Samba] getting started with GPOs

Jeff Dickens jeff at seamanpaper.com
Mon Nov 23 23:29:45 UTC 2015

Running the sernet distribution of Samba 4.2 on Ubuntu 14 LTS.

I have a DC and a Member Server and I have a Windows 8.1 workstation on
which I can log in and get a drive mapped to a share on the Member Server.

I want to try setting up a GPO.  The goal is to redirect the documents
folder on windows workstations to a network share.

So I start the Group Policy Management tool on my windows 8.1 workstation,
which is logged into the domain as Administrator.

I see "A Processing error occurred collecting data using this base domain
controller. Please change the base domain controller and try again."  I
click a few more things and then I get "​​Permissions for this GPO in the
SYSVOL folder are inconsistent with those in Active Directory"  I click ok
and it apparently does nothing.

On the Samba side the only thing I see in the logs are some complaints
about not being able to load the printer list.

Is this expected to work?   How can I start to troubleshoot this?

*     Jeff Dickens*
     IT Manager      978-632-1513

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