[Samba] Question about multiple join same PC

Lee Brown leeb at ratnaling.org
Sun Nov 22 21:13:13 UTC 2015

I am in the process of rebuilding my workstation which has required a few
'from scratch' (read re-format the disk) installs.  Each time after
installation, I just join the domain, but I never bother leaving.  IP/DNS
never changes.

There are never any complaints, everything works as expected (wbinfo,
getent, etc).  Is this considered unknown behaviour, ie am I going to
regret this in the future, or is Samba designed to handle this case?

I suppose I would have to use ADUC to remove the computer before another
join if this is going to cause problems?  Is there a samba-tool or net
command that I could use instead?

Thanks -- lee

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