[Samba] Need help in resolving the "The SMB server is unavailable" issue.

ranganadhbabu duggi rangajmeter1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 16:33:44 UTC 2015

Hi Kai,

We configured Samba server on docker instance and with Samba account , we
are trying to upload file samba folder.

In this case we are getting below errors every time.

1. {"status_code": 503, "message": "Authenticated connection unavailable.",
"error_code": "service_not_available"

2. {"status_code": 503, "message": "The SMB server is unavailable.",
"error_code": "service_not_available"

3.Some times we are receiving 500 (Internal server error).

We configured Samba server on Docker instance with below steps

1) Pulled the image using docker pull appcontainers/samba
2) Run the Samba server using

docker run -d -it --name samba -h samba -p 138:138/udp -p 139:139 -p
445:445 -p 445:445/udp appcontainers/samba

Please help us in resolving the above mentioned issues, as we are struck
from long time with the above mentioned issues.


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