[Samba] Win Clients and DNS

James lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 17:42:57 UTC 2015

On 11/16/2015 12:18 PM, Viktor Trojanovic wrote:
>>> Is this with Samba internal DNS? What version of Samba? Your 
>>> original OP stated this to be the issue.
>>> "The system failed to register host (A or AAA) resource records 
>>> (RRs) for network adapter with settings:"
>>> This doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. Are you using 
>>> secure or non-secure updates? Even though you are using static IP's, 
>>> you will find these entries if one of the following was to happen 
>>> and dns updates failed.
>>>  * A IP address was added or removed from the TCP/IP properties in 
>>> Windows
>>>  * Enforcing ipconfig /registerdns from a elevated command prompt
>>>  * At startup
>>> Based on what you have said. It appears all A records belonging to 
>>> the workstations are registered in DNS?
>> You are probably right James, the OP initially gave the impression 
>> that he didn't have the workstations records in DNS, this has been 
>> proven to be incorrect, they are there. He also muddied the waters 
>> with saying they are all fixed IPs, so it seems that everbody 
>> focussed in on DNS problems, totally missing that it is a WINDOWS 
>> problem, see here:
>> http://support.simpledns.com/kb/a182/system-failed-to-register-host-resource-records-rrs-network-adapter___-warning-windows-event-log.aspx 
>> So, to fix his problem, stop the windows machines from trying to 
>> register their address in DNS.
>> A quick google found this, first on the list.
>> Rowland
> Rowland, it might be that the linked page explains why the register 
> fails but it doesn't say to solve the problem by stopping the machines 
> to try to register their address. As you might have seen later in the 
> discussion thread, there were differing opinions whether it is ok to 
> uncheck that box or not. If dynamic registration is not 
> needed/possible with Samba DNS and that box should be unchecked, then 
> this might be something worth knowing, and maybe should be part of the 
> wiki.
> Thanks for the help.
> Viktor
This doesn't sound like a issue but the intended behavior of windows.

It's OK to uncheck that box if assigning IP addresses to workstations. 
However I would advise against it. IP's would never get updated in DNS 
if you needed to make a change to one of the workstations. You would 
have to re enable this check box and most importantly, remember to do 
this manually. Opens room for headaches and additional administration.  
A better solution would be to create a GPO to prevent dynamic updates. 
This "error" can be safely ignored if you don't require dynamic updates.

Dynamic registration is required if not using static IP's. It's also 
possible with Samba. This depends on the Samba version you are using and 
if you're using the internal or bind solution.


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