[Samba] gpt.ini

Viktor Trojanovic viktor at troja.ch
Sun Nov 15 16:39:14 UTC 2015

Hi all,

According to the book "Group Policy Fundamentals", the gpt.ini which is 
the one flat file in a policies template (GPT) subfolder, should
//hold the version number of the GPT as well as the information that's 
equivalent to the gpcMachineExtensionName and gpcUserExtensionName 
attributes found on the GPC object in AD. [...] For very old GPOs, you 
might also see a little text snippet in the gpt.ini that says 
"displayName=New Group Policy Object". This snippet is the same when 
you're using very old Group Policy creation tools. /

I am creating my GPOs on Windows 10 using the latest RSAT, I don't have 
any legacy computers in this lab setup. My gpt.inis only have a version 
number and the displayName entry as described above, so, according to 
the book, my GPO must be "very old" since my GP creation tool obviously 

1. Can someone explain why this is different with a Samba DC than it 
would be, apparently, with a Windows DC?
2. Is there any negative impact from this issue or can it safely be 

Looking forward to your comments.


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