[Samba] will bad things happen if samba4 AD not binding

d tbsky tbskyd at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 15:49:56 UTC 2015

   my company has two dns servers, but samba4 internal dns forward can only
forward to 1 server.
to workarround it i run dnsmasq as dns cache at and let samba4
dns forward to
my smb.conf looks like:

 dns forwarder =
 interfaces =
 bind interfaces only = Yes

with the setting samba won't bind to, so dnsmasq can use to do the work.
my /etc/resolv.conf point to (samba internal dns)

everything seems work fine. but I want to make sure if this kind of setup
is safe?
if it is safe then I don't need to create another virtual interface just
for dnsmasq.
thanks a lot for help!!


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