[Samba] Demote a dead PDC: residuals in "DNS" console

Ole Traupe ole.traupe at tu-berlin.de
Wed Nov 11 19:38:00 UTC 2015

Am 11.11.2015 um 16:56 schrieb Rowland Penny:
> On 11/11/15 15:16, Ole Traupe wrote:
>> Having joined a new Secondary DC to my domain and manually created 
>> the DNS A record and the CNAME record as described here
>> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Check_and_fix_DNS_entries_on_DC_joins,
>> I find that my PDC also has an A record in "_msdcs.my.domain.com", 
>> which the new Secondary DC has not.
>> Is this a problem? Should I create this record as well?
>> Ole
> Try rebooting the secondary DC and see what happens, I had this last 
> week and couldn't see how to create all the missing dns records (there 
> were a few) and for some reason they wouldn't create (or more likely, 
> I didn't know the special incantations), did an internet search and 
> found Louis had this problem back in April, he fixed his by rebooting. 
> So I rebooted and all the missing records appeared.
> Rowland

I see, thank you!

So every DC should definitely have an A record in two places:
a) the domain zone
b) the _msdcs zone


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