[Samba] Active Directory domain and ipsec ikev1 VPN

Julien Deloubes julien.deloubes at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 13:30:56 UTC 2015

Hello there,
i'm planning switching to AD with Samba4.
I had remote users using a Cisco VPN Client in order to connect to my LAN.
Those user are on Windows7 pro laptops (and a few had Mac).
Once their laptop will be in my AD Domain, i need them to logon, and for
that the VPN have to be mounted before the Windows logon.
The Cisco VPN client cannot mount the VPN before the logon.
The builtin Windows 7 VPN client can do that but is not compatible with
ipsec ikev1 (wich is the protocol used by our Cisco device).

Do you know any good VPN client for Windows which support ikev1 and can
mount the VPN connection before the Windows Logon?

Do you see another solution to handle this?


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