[Samba] Why are Samba DCs not browsable?

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Tue Nov 3 23:42:16 UTC 2015

Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 29/10/15 09:19, Viktor Trojanovic wrote:
>> In a book I'm reading on Samba4, the author explains that network 
>> browsing doesn't work for Samba AD DCs...
> The book is partially correct, nmbd shouldn't be run on a DC, but 
> there is a netbios server built into the samba binary but it doesn't 
> contain the browsing code. If you are running a DC and there is a 
> separate 'nmbd' running, then you really should stop it and stop it 
> starting at boot.

    I thought this was "fixed"?  If a one has 1 machine designated as 
"the server"... do all things server (file serving, home-dir server, 
profile-server, win-authentication server, linux-authentication server, 
etc.), w/requirement of having single-signon give access to all 
permitted resources.

    This works reasonably well (for some value of reasonable) under 
Samba3.  Samba3 has been (or is being) retired because all functionality 
now exists in Samba4.

    Is this not the case? Joke used to be when multi-core 1st came out, 
that the new core would just be used for MS-related services, but it's 
been the case for a while that
a separate machine was needed to support all the services.  But now that 
isn't enough?  Seems a bit peculiar to have to create multiple virtual 
server instances on the same machine just to get samba3 functionality to 
work in a samba4 domain? 

I still have old machines on my network that I'll never be able to 
upgrade (usually multimedia related machines).  The server has multiple 
ethernet connections -- some for talking to the "outside world", some 
only for talking to low-security Win-compat appliances and/or old 
computers, and a few for highly-connected workstations that depend on 
the server being up to function (remote disks) that get dedicated lines 
(port-to-port).  But it's still only 1 server.  So how does one maintain 
browsing in such an environment -- its the only way many UPNP, DLNA and 
SSDP units function?

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