[Samba] Openvpn and samba: play nice together?

Douglas D Germann Sr 76066.515 at Compuserve.com
Mon Nov 2 23:08:18 UTC 2015

Reindl, Christian, Mueller, Karel, Allen, Krutskikh--

 >>You definetly need a TAP connection to make samba work over VPN.

That is interesting, and not my experience, since I have been running 
another tun connection with these same computers for the last 2-3 years 
without any problems. Maybe I made a mistake in the set-up and am just 
now learning the right way! <grin>

In any event, it seems to be solved: my hosts allow line did not allow When I put that in smb.conf, it started working. So we are 
up and running as we speak!

Thanks for your help, folks!

:- Doug. Germann

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