[Samba] [PATCH] Re: Samba 4.1.17 classic update w/LDAP - parsing error

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny241155 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:14:56 UTC 2015

On 02/11/15 12:32, Mgr. Peter Tuharsky wrote:
> I think the tool should act consistently. I.e., it can cope with
> automatically provisioned groups - when they exist in imported domain
> too, it simply displays a warning "group already exists" and goes on.
> I think this is the right behaviour that should apply to users too.
> Peter

When you carry out the classicupgrade, AD has to be provisioned before 
the original users & groups are added. Part of this provisioning is the 
creation of the default AD users and groups. There are only 3 or 
possibly 4 users created, depending on whether you are using bind9 or 
not. The standard users are 'Administrator', 'krbtgt' and 'Guest', the 
optional user is 'dns-DCHOSTNAME'. The user 'Administrator' is dealt 
with by the classicupgrade, but the others are ignored, probably because 
it wasn't thought that anybody would have these users in their Samba 
This could be thought of as a bug or as a lack of documentation, or 
quite possibly both.

 From my experience, most people do not read the wiki until something 
goes wrong or doesn't work the way they expect. Even then they don't 
read it until they are pointed at it by a post on the mailing list.

So, even though Andrew doesn't think the upgrade.py code should be 
changed, after trying to think just what to put on the classicupgrade 
wiki page (and where on the page), I have come to the conclusion that 
upgrade.py should be changed to work as the OP has suggested, as this 
will be the easiest way to get the message across.


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